I’m playing drum & bass in Brooklyn on Saturday 12/7


In Brooklyn on the 7th? I’m super psyched and honored to play some classic liquid & soulful drum & bass at Public Records with serious legends of the scene, DJ DB, Random Movement, and Dave Shichman.

I still remember opening one of the original Secret Art of Science parties at Love in the west village way back in the day (if you’re an old NYC raver like me you’ll know.) It had one of the most serious sound setups and DJ booths in the city at the time.

The Public Records sound system is an equally proper one to experience drum & bass the way it was meant to be heard. It’s also an absolutely gorgeous space with super classy drinks, an all-around great vibe. They’re also big on the sustainability tip with a plant-based menu, and they’re almost entirely plastic-free.

Tickets are here. It’s all ages, and the party starts during the day, and I go on at 5, so come on by early and have a dance ❤️

To give you an idea of what it might sound like if you’re new to D&B…

Here’s a mix I did way back, of all atmospheric D&B. I’ll definitely play some of this stuff.

Here’s a mix I did over the summer of new and recent D&B. I might play the deeper side of what you hear here.

Here’s a live recording of some old school and “mid-school” D&B I did opening for Dieselboy back in January.

And if you REALLY want to go down the rabbit hole, below is a collection of most of the D&B mixes I made way back during my first few years DJing.

Atmospheric Mix • Satisfaction • June on the Fly • After Hour side 1 • After Hour side 2 • Sexy Beast Vol. 3 • Cheers side 1 • Cheers side 2 • The Downlow • Deep & Dirty • Breakin’ • Bluez Step • The Pond Radio 02-09-07 • The Pond Radio 02-03-06 • Proof of Mann • Lickety Split • Fall Collection